We want to Save Your Property!

We install (and Manufacture!) "Geotubes" to prevent damage from shoreline erosion and high water levels. Geotubes are basically giant sand bags. 25ft Long by 12ft circ,  77,000lb giant to be exact. These geotubes are Not going to move and cover more surface area providing more stabilization than rock.  
These bags are filled on site and can be added, stacked, or subracted as the job and nature's conditions change. We have made this an affordable, ongoing process that adapts with the needs of the environment. Home owners will spend Big Money in a one time shot to attempt to save their property from damage. There is no Guarantee that any Marine Contractor is going to give you that  it will work and last. Nature changes, and we have developed these processes to evolve with the need. 

Save Your Property!!

We can prevent damage from high water levels, rebuild beaches, prevent erosion on dunes, toe in a revetment, lay a grid to trap sand, and much more!!! 

Email us: [email protected] and briefly describe your situation, we would love to solve your shoreline erosion problems today!

No Permanent Solution!

The Rock Revetment pictured here is still allowing the waves through and eroding behind it. 
For all of your custom marine boat tops and upholstery needs. 

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