Lake Michigan   Shoreline Erosion Control
Custom fabrication of 77,000 lb. geotubes for shoreline erosion control
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Facilitating the process from manufacturing to the job site.
Top filled Geotube rim. 


Using industrial sewing for manageable components saves on material and labor.

Lake Michigan Erosion Solutions

Survived the Winter!

Each 25ft long by 12ft circumference 'Geotube' can have up to 77,000 lbs of sand in it to withstand waves. Yes, even those of Lake Michigan! 

Often a flatter, less filled geotube covers more beach and is intentional in some appliucations. By using a dredge pump for sand these huge sand bags can be filled efficiently and to the full bladder shape. A trash pump can be used, but being designed primarily to move water and not sand the trash pump is less effective.

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The Vulnerability of Rock Revetments

Cost vs Vulnerability:

The absorbent cost of rock revetments does not significally reduce exposure! With the astronomical price tag  one may think that because its expensive it's superior... Not always the case! The science and numbers are there. Geotubes are cost effective and affordable, not to mention being easily added to Mother Nature's changing conditions. 
Scouring and erosion behind counter measures.
Scouring infront of rock walls, and eventually behind them is a  real possibility.


   Old pilings trap sand. We know this works, you simply can't get a permit to place permanent structures in the shoreline anymore. Now that government agencies have officially recognized the serious problem in Muskegon and the surrounding areas the permit process for our Geotextile Jetties is easily accessible!​​

WZZM reported that the DEQ is giving permits in 3 days for $100. Our GeoJetties are removable and thus permits should be easy to get. 
Sand Conspiracy:

Resorts in Florida have been given permission for years to build thier beaches. The ARMY Corps is used for this. Basically they build beaches to prepare for Spring Breakers to come and party on. If they can get permits for that, poperty owners and tax paying Americans who want to protect their waterfront should be easy!

Borrow permits allow reconstrustion of beaches and prevent shoreline erosion. There are plenty of articles about return on investment ROI for dredging sand onto a beach. Also, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that a home that has no beach and looks like it may eventually slide into the lake probably won't sell for much.

Hardening a beach off with boulders is about $2,500 per Linear foot. 100ft of beachfront will cost around $250,000 and comes with No gaurantee. Waves breaching this system will erode behind it. Mother Nature is too unpredictable to give any such promise that this permanent(expensive!) installation will be a permenant solution. 

Our process could be around 20% of that total cost. We also give no gaurantee, but our GeoJetties and Bag concept is an affordable and ongoing process that responds to the increased water level by adding bags.
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